City Bus Numbers in Guwahati

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  1. Sultan Mahmud says:

    Guys i have lost my important documents, I skipped the whole file on the bus along with CT scan reports. It was my dad’s file of hospital and he is a cancer patient. Please guys help me out to find that. I was coming from Super Market stoppage to Baishisto chariali so the bus number is 27(may be) i haven’t any idea because the bus was fully loaded today. And i lost it today. Plz help me guys and contact me +917663858113

  2. Deepanjali thakuria says:

    Exclnt wrk dhan…

  3. S.k.basu says:

    How to go by bus from Palton bazar to Bammunimadain. Please mention the bus no. and name of the stoppages

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Go to Kachari, which is near Paltan bazar. From Kachari you take no. 6 bus and then you will get these stoppages Latasil, Uzanbazar, Barowari, Chenikuthi, Guwahati club, Silpukhuri, Goshwami service, Chandmari, Anuradha Cinema hall. Anuradha cinema is situated in Bamunimaidan.

      Hope it helped you. Thanks for visiting Please share the article if you liked it

  4. Sahandeep Das says:

    How to go from Lankeshwar to Barshapara?

    • Mango Man says:

      It is a 23.1km distance via NH27. But these areas are not covered by city bus service. You may get mini shared taxis like Magic or Auto. Otherwise you can use Uber or Ola.

  5. pankaj mahanta says:

    how to go by bus from paltanbazar to punjabari?

  6. vidya says:

    How to go to cotton collegiate school from AIDC bus stop. Please mention the no. of city bus too

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Get into any city bus that passes through Zoo road that is going towards Chandmari. After crossing Reserve Bank of India, these buses pass through Pan Bazar and that’s where your destination is located. Thank you

  7. Lokeshwar Mahto says:

    Thanks for the details. Just wanted to know the frequency of the buses and traveled time if I want to board at Dispur super market and depart at santipur. I’ve to reach Santipur by 8 am.

    • Dhanjeet says:

      you can pick any bus with numbers 4, 8, 2, 3, and 1. Buses are available throughout the whole day between from 6am to 8pm.

  8. Dheeraj Sharma says:

    Can u guide me, i want to go to Assam State Zoo from Machkhowa and return, which number bus should i take?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      You can pick any bus with numbers 4, 8, 2, 3 and 1 to go and return to the said destinations. thank you

  9. Eddie says:

    Hi I want to go to Guahati University from Paltan Bazaar. Which bus should I take?

  10. Nikita Roy says:

    How to go from pan bazar to ulubari

  11. Nikita Roy says:

    How to go from pan bazar to ulubari?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Pick 21 number bus it will take you to Ulubari. You can if you go to the highway near Brahmaputra, you can pick 27 number bus heading towards Basistha. Thanks…please share the article if it helps.

  12. Deepak says:

    Nearest bus stop fir guwahati railway station. Bus start time in morning ? End time in the night?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Paltan Bazar is the nearest bus stop from Guwahati railway station. Buses are available from 6am to 10pm. But on GS road, buses are available until midnight.

  13. ronojoy says:

    how to reach rehabari from santipur by bus or any other cheap mode of transport? how long does it take ?

  14. ronojoy says:

    how to reachrehabari from santipur?how long does it take in the office hours?

  15. aryan says:

    hey bro, is there any city bus running towards airport road or dharapur is the last stop??? plz help me, I have xm at ion digital ganakpara, near St. Claret School.

  16. Asti doley says:

    My documents are lost in guhahati city bus.the bus is Drive panjabari. So I can get it

    • Dhanjeet says:

      You can try to get it. Just go to the last stoppage in Panjabari and talk to the available drivers. They may help. Thanks

  17. Ahsan says:

    How to go from platan bazar to maligaon ?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Go to Kachari, pick any bus with number tag of 1/2/3/4/6/8. Remember you must pick a bus heading towards the West in order to reach Maligaon.

  18. Nashibul Hoque says:

    Please provide me the contact number of Guwahati City Bus Association

  19. A P Bhatt says:

    How to go from Uzan Bazar to Khanapara bus stop?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      There is no direct bus from Uzan bazar to Khanapara. You have two options-
      1. Come to Baruari and pick any bus among 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 (whatever you get except number 6 bus) and come to Ganeshguri, then pick no. 21 bus heading towards Khanapara, the last stoppage is Khanapara.
      2. Go to Dighalipukhuri and pick no. 21 bus, the last stoppage is Khanapara.

      Hope it helps. Thank you very much.

  20. shilpi says:

    how to go uzanbazar to christian basti

    • Dhanjeet says:

      There is no direct bus from Uzan bazar to Christian Basti. You have two options-
      1. Come to Baruari and pick any bus among 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 (whatever you get except number 6 bus) and come to Ganeshguri, then pick no. 21 bus heading towards Paltan Bazar, next stoppage is Christian Basti. It is a walking distance from Ganeshguri.
      2. Go to Dighalipukhuri and pick no. 21 bus you will get Christian Basti.

      Hope it helps. Thank you very much.

  21. Daks says:

    Forgot to take one of my college stuff in the bus yesterday in the area above the seat where we can keep our bags… I was traveling by the paltan bazaar bus from ulubari to beltola… Can I get bus drivers number?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      It is not possible to get the driver’s number. You can go to Basistha, where the buses on that route finally stop and ask the drivers if they can help. Hope it helps. Thank you very much.

  22. Ngouba says:

    How did I go from lal ganesh to kalaskhetra

  23. Hafizur rahman says:

    I lost my all educational document, HSLC ,AHSEC, GU, all documents lose in guwahati City bus.
    Some one get this document. Please please plzzzz contact me

  24. Hafijur Rahman says:

    মোৰ স্কুল কলেজৰ সকলো নথি পত্ৰ যোৱাকালি CT
    Busত মালিগাৱৰ পৰা জালুক বাৰি আহোতে গাড়ীৰ পৰা নাামোতে পাহৰিি যাও যদি আপোনাালোকৰ হাতত পৰেে নথি পত্ৰবোৰ তেন্তে তলত দিয়া নম্বৰত যোগাযোগ কৰিব বুলিি মই আশাবাদী ।ধন্যবাদ ।
    Hafijur Rahman
    Fathers name: Nurul Islam
    Mothers name:Mazeda khatun
    Vill:Hela pakhri
    Po:Baladmari char
    Po: Mornai
    Dist : Goal para (assame)
    Pin no 783121
    Mobile no:6000570499/8011054383

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Hi, we are not Guwahati city bus authority. is informative site. Please tell us which route’s city bus you are talking about. We will do whatever we can.

  25. Rajesh says:

    I want to scholar institute from Guwahati station . Please help me which number is useful to reach the place

  26. Mona says:

    How to go from Paltan Bazar railway station to Pragjyoti Nagar Path?

  27. Emmanuel says:

    I really like the post. I usually take bus No 6. where I begin my route from Ulubari to Anuradha I came to know about the bus number after I began asking my friends who belong to Assam. I am not originated from Assam, although after living for more than 10 years, Its very easy to not pay any attention to small details like the bus numbers. After reading this article I am more cautious about the different routes that take place in Assam. Thanks for your wonderful piece of information.


    a bag with original certificates has lost today evening in one of the city bus route from jalukbari tu ganeshguri so if any one gets plzz contact me 9954368050/7578860154 owner Khritish nandan Bordoloi

  29. Arnab says:

    How to reach binowa nagar, kalapahar from maligaon?

    • Dhanjeet says:

      First pick any bus going opposite to Jalukbari and leave the bus on Bharalumukh. Cross the road and ask some they will show you the bus from there to Kalapahar. Thank you.

  30. Sandipan Chakravorty says:


  31. Sanjiv says:

    I want to go 10th mile from ganeshguri.Which bus should I take ?

  32. Anna says:

    How to reach Bharalumukh from Barowari. Please help

  33. Anna says:

    Bus no for Barowari to Bharalumukh bus stop please

    • Dhanjeet says:

      Bus no 6 bus goes via Barowari. Otherwise all other buses like 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 can take you to Bharalumukh but you have to come to Guwahati Club to catch them. Thanks.

  34. Atibur Rahman says:


  35. Victor says:

    How to go by Bus from paltan bazar to narengi aanchalik college.Please tell me with bus no and stoppage

    • Dhanjeet says:

      As per my knowledge, there is no bus from Paltan Bazar to Narengi. However, you can go to Kachari and pick no.6 bus to reach Narengi. Thanks.

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